Yoga with Sam

Yoga for adults


7:00pm to 8:00pm

At Caroline Chisholm School - Primary Hall.
Wooldale Road, Wootton, Northampton NN4 6TP [map]
Suitable for all levels and abilities.
£3 to try the class and thereafter £5 to drop in.
Please bring your own mat and also a blanket to ensure you are comfortable during relaxation.

Call or text me on 07875 024 301 if you would like to try the class for the first time. There is ample free parking at the school. Finally, please note that the school is closed on Bank Holidays.


7:00pm to 8:00pm

At Fitness4Less.
Sol Central, Mare Fair, Northampton NN1 1SR [map]
This class is for club members; however, you may purchase a day pass for £8. Please refer to Fitness4Less for membership and day pass information. Mats are provided but I would suggest you bring your own if you have one, plus a blanket for relaxation. Parking is free but you must remember to validate your ticket in the gym.

Yoga for kids


Yoga sessions for children aged 5-12 years with YogaPebbles. Contact Lisa on or 07905 624353 to find out more or visit her website.

A message from Northampton-based yoga teacher Samantha Nixon


Here you will find details on the classes I teach. Regardless of whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, I would be absolutely delighted to see you :o)

I firmly believe practising yoga helps you to become the very best version of who you really are. It rebalances your mind and body back into a blissful state of equilibrium. In the fast paced world we live in, it's impossible to not get caught up in working and planning. Yoga gives you the time to restore, to replenish and to rebalance your energy levels. It's a time that you dedicate to yourself. A gift from you, to you.

Seeing as you are here, why not enjoy this simple breathing exercise that can be practiced at anytime and wherever you are:

Think of the word "relax". It has two syllables, "re" and "lax". Now try this exercise. As you breathe in, think "re" to yourself, and as you breathe out, think "lax". Don't let your mind wander away from repeating the word "relax"' in tune with your breathing. When you breathe out, try to let go of any tensions in your body. Focus on the muscles which you know become tense when you're stressed. Remember, every time you breathe out: "laaaax".

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