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Yoga for Pregancy

A note from Sam: “I am not currently holding yoga for pregnancy classes; however, I would like to recommend Rainbow Yoga from Paula.”

Rainbow Yoga

Hatha yoga especially for pregnancy, and on preparing the body and the mind for labour and delivery. Class is on Tuesdays from 6:00-7:00pm, at St Crispin Community Centre, St Crispin Drive, Northampton, NN45 4GJ. [Map]

This class is PRE-BOOKED ONLY. Please contact Paula for pricing information and to book a place on 07962 390 636 or email Rainbow Yoga is also on Facebook.

Paula is a qualified yoga teacher with the Inner Healing School, a trained nurse, midwife and health visitor who promotes positive parenting.

Yoga for Pregnancy - My Motivation

Although I did not attend a pregnancy specific yoga class during either of my two pregnancies, I did attend regular adult classes throughout both. Above all else, yoga gave me the gift of confidence in my ability to carry and deliver my babies and awareness of the breath which allowed me to experience peace during pregnancy and pain free labours.

Thanks to yoga, my pregnant body was strong and incredibly well rested. And although I suffered with the same discomforts as everyone else, the severity of these discomforts were very much diminished. My awareness and trust in how I moved and listened to my body in pregnancy and during labour played a very important part in the correct fetal positioning I experienced.

I felt and still do feel greatly empowered by both my two home water births. I received glowing comments from the on-call midwives and from family and friends. And yet I know I am in the minority in terms of my positive birth experience. That's why I feel confident that by sharing some of the simple yoga techniques I used, I can make other women feel more comfortable and more confident during their pregnancy and birth experiences.

May 2013: Roanne from Northampton says, “After difficult births resulting in intervention with my first two children I was naturally concerned when I fell pregnant with my third, and was keen to avoid the same again. I booked a series of pre natal yoga sessions with Samantha, focusing on relaxation and breathing techniques to allow me to cope better with labour and delivery, and to help me feel more positive about the whole birthing process. These sessions were relaxed and friendly and Samantha herself was incredibly patient and really put me at ease, and I approached the birth with a totally different, more positive mindset this time. The techniques I learnt from Samantha allowed me to stay at home for the majority of my labour. I felt that I controlled the pain rather than the other way round, and no intervention was necessary this time. The whole labour and birth was a totally different, more positive experience, and I honestly believe that this was down to the pre-natal yoga sessions with Samantha.”

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