Yoga with Sam


Sam made me feel very at ease as i am new to Yoga her classes are gentle relaxing and friendly ideal for beginners she adapts poses and stretches to suit all abillities and peoples needs.
Vicki via Facebook in 2020
I've been attending Sam's classes for the past year & love it! The classes have a lovely relaxed feel & Sam is really encouraging. I hadn't done yoga before & don't consider myself at all bendy but as a keen runner really wanted to do some deep stretches. Sam is really aware of what will work best, giving tips to do at home as well. The classes are about working within your own limits & giving different options within a pose, so even if I can't mirror Sam's pose entirely I still know I'm getting a great stretch! I know these classes have been key in staying injury free over the past year, so would recommend to anyone, runner or not!
Tracy via Google in 2020
Really recommend as a great jenuine yoga experience. You can achieve a sense of inner peace and joy that is so satisfying and makes you want to come back. Sam's lessons are also the right balance between phisical strength and stretching, which connects one well with her/his own body
Elena via Google in 2020
Loved going to Yoga at fitness4less with Sam and now looking forward to switching to her classes at CCS. It feels amazing to switch off after a busy day and really get in tune with my body. Sam is a really great instructor and I’ve missed not doing yoga with her.
Elle via Facebook in 2019
I have been going to yoga with Sam for around a year now. Sam is so welcoming and lovely and the class is very accessible so no matter what level your experience is, this is the class for you. I like the fact that the class is focused on stretching and each week has a different part of the body that we work on - it’s a great way to stretch and unwind after a week of working in an office. I sometimes go to yoga classes in London and this class is much cheaper than those. I really recommend!
Katy via Google in 2019
I started yoga with Sam around 6 months ago as I wanted to improve my flexibility and supplement my gym routine. Sometimes I feel the classes are slightly too easy, however I appreciate Sam tries to cater for every bodies capabilities. I always feel relaxed after the class and I find it sets me up for a good week ahead. I would recommend the class to beginners and have invited my friends to come along and try it with me too! Thank you Sam :)
Victoria via Google in 2019
I started yoga 6 months ago, after having a back operation and years of painful osteoarthritis in my hips. Sam made me feel very welcome and instructs people not to push too hard (great for me !!). After a few months I could cross my legs which I hadn't done for years !!!!! Was very proud and looking forward to the next step which for me is going to take a tad longer but hopefully will manage it in the future. I feel very relaxed after yoga and would recommend anyone to give it a try. Thank you Sam, keep up the goods work
Julia via Google in 2019
I definitely recommend yoga with Sam. It’s great - I run a lot so am not the most flexible person and find that Sam’s class really helps. I have been going for a year now and have improved a lot. Everyone is really friendly and it’s great value for money.
Geoff via Google in 2019
Recently attended my first session upon recommendation. Sam puts everyone at ease and found her persona very relaxing. Good mixture of attendees and age groups. Will be back!
Julian via Google in 2019
Love the yoga with Sam. She has such a nice way about her and puts everyone at ease. Been going for several months now and always look forward to it. After a week crouched over a computer or driving, for someone my age it's just the thing to revive my aching body. I feel the benefit and even on days when we are tired, my wife and I will still go and soon forget the stresses of work. Relaxation is a valuable part of the sessions to us, and it's great that it's something we can share. We both find our bodies aching less than they used to and have more energy. There are all shapes and sizes and all abilities there. Everyone always feels welcome and Sam often introduces some new or unusual ideas to keep it fresh. Sam’s lessons are a great way to start and get into yoga.
Chris via Google in 2019
Sam demonstrates all the movements and offers options for all abilities. I really enjoy the classes and always leave feeling relaxed.
Rebecca via Facebook in 2019
Love learning yoga with Sam. She is so patient and encouraging making it a lovely environment to learn a new hobby!
Christina via Google in 2019
I have been going to Sam’s classes for sometime and they are always good. She is a great teacher, she will accommodate individual needs and keeps the sessions fun and interesting ..finishing with fab relaxation!
Helen via Facebook in 2018
These are my first yoga lessons apart from Youtube ;-) and I really loved it. Sam is really cool and helpful. Highly recommend!
Maud via Facebook in 2016
This is my first experience of yoga and I love it. Sam is very friendly and adaptive to the different levels of those in the class. I suffer from chronic fatigue and this class is perfect for someone with my needs. Am currently trying to convince my partner to come with me!
Louise via Facebook in 2016
Joined Sam's class a bit sceptical of yoga but am now totally in love with it. Sam is always patient and will never make you do a move or stretch you aren't comfortable with. Would recommend to anyone looking to improve their strength or to unwind.
Amberley via Facebook in 2016
Always come away feeling loose and relaxed. Fantastic class Sam is a great teacher wish we could do it more!
Ben via Facebook in 2016
Wanting to do Yoga I joined Sam's class which is a fantastic, Sam is great and talks you through all movements & is always available if you have any questions ... I thoroughly enjoy & totally recommend...
Tracy via Facebook in 2016
Sam is a very kind and genuine person. She will adapt the exercises for every level/condition. I love that the class changes all the time and you get to try different things, all in a relax atmosphere.
Lis via Facebook in 2016
Just been to Sam's weekly yoga class at Fitness4Less and as usual now feel totally stretched and relaxed.
Tina from Northampton in 2016
After difficult births resulting in intervention with my first two children I was naturally concerned when I fell pregnant with my third, and was keen to avoid the same again. I booked a series of pre natal yoga sessions with Samantha, focusing on relaxation and breathing techniques to allow me to cope better with labour and delivery, and to help me feel more positive about the whole birthing process. These sessions were relaxed and friendly and Samantha herself was incredibly patient and really put me at ease, and I approached the birth with a totally different, more positive mindset this time. The techniques I learnt from Samantha allowed me to stay at home for the majority of my labour. I felt that I controlled the pain rather than the other way round, and no intervention was necessary this time. The whole labour and birth was a totally different, more positive experience, and I honestly believe that this was down to the pre natal yoga sessions with Samantha.
Roanne from Northampton in 2013
My 3 year old daughter and I really enjoy taking part in the Yoga Tigers sessions. She really enjoys the dance and movement element and it's a great way to meet new people too. It has really built her confidence in group activities and has also taught her to listen and take instruction from other adults. I hadn't any previous experience of yoga, but it is a very welcoming group and Sam is a brilliant teacher who is very good at making the children (and mums!) feel at ease. Each lesson is loads of fun and good value and I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting a high energy and relaxing (in equal measure!) way to brighten up their Monday mornings!
Rachael from Northampton in 2012
I want to write some feedback on both the fab Yoga Tigers class you run and the adult yoga class on at the Yeoman pub as I think both classes are fantastic. Yoga Tigers has helped my son to calm down and think more and the adult class has helped me to become calmer and more focused. I am much more aware of my body and am able to calm my mind which prior to coming to your class I found difficult.
Ruth from Northampton in 2012
As a beginner, I have been enjoying Sam's yoga classes on Sunday Evening in Wootton and also on a Thursday evening at the Connaught Street studio for about 3 months. The classes are fun, stimulating, challenging and above all energising. Sam is a brilliant teacher who is enthusiastic about helping her students benefit from the practice of yoga and the development of strength and self awareness. If all this sounds a bit new age, you don't have to worry. The classes are very friendly and down to earth. At the end of every lesson I always feel nice and stretchy and a little bit more confident and self-aware. Thank you Sam :-)
Brian from Northampton in 2012
I joined Sam's Sunday night yoga class this week in Wootton as a complete novice, certain that I would end up either embarrassed or hospitalised or both. Thankfully I can report that thanks to clear instructions, a very warm, friendly and supportive attitude especially from Sam herself, and plenty of encouragement, all I was left with was regret that I didn't take up Yoga years ago. The workout is tough in places but very relaxing and I had a brilliant night's sleep after it. I can't wait to go back Sunday. Well done Sam!
Claire from Northampton in 2012
This is a great class for anyone new to yoga or for those who have practised for years. I really enjoy Sam's yoga class - there is a focus on calming the mind and breathing. A really refreshing style of teaching yoga compared to the military boot camp classes which you can find in gyms. Sam also helps each student one to one to improve. This class is a great way to spend a Sunday evening!
Pak from Northampton in 2011

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